Five important things to do after moving homes

Five important things to do after moving homes

Five important things to do after moving homes

The last part of moving is whereby the last box is placed in the new home. Yes, this is just the beginning of the end of a tiring procedure to move to a new home. However, there are some of the things that you shall do once you have stepped in your new home. Before you think about relaxing, you have to complete the task ahead of you. Arranging your stuff inside the new home is paramount.

Checklist: What you need to do after moving homes

After the move:

Counter check all the appliances:

Whenever you are in the new home, start by counterchecking all the appliances you own. This is so because you have a limited time to refer your claims to the insurance agency. If the mover has done a mistake and the appliances are not working as normal. This is the best time to know. Examples of appliances include blenders, TV sets, decoders, dishwashers, washing machines, electric gas cookers and stoves.

Confirm the furniture and items placed in boxes:

A home inventory must be done if you want to make sure that everything you packed arrived safely. The insurance company will be in a position to reimburse all the claims if you note them at an early stage. In case of anything, contact the insurance company and the moving company to begin the claim process as early as possible.

Set up all the utilities:

be sure that all your utilities are connected and operate normally. Set up all the electronic appliances and lighting. You don’t have to be frustrated once you arrive to the new home and nothing can be done.

Keep the receipts:

: Make sure that you have collected all the receipts from the moving company. Have a file with you where you have documented all information. Such files are placed in safe and secure areas. By doing this, you also have a chance to claim all the tax returns.

Locate academies for your kids:

The kids need to settle in new schools so that they may not skip school terms. It is possible for you to have located schools early before you arrived. However, if there was no time for this, you may do the research after moving into the new home.

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