Our Services

Residential Moving

We are a moving company that offers affordable services. We move boxes, appliances, and furniture. We do specialize in small home moving. Our experts prioritize in ensuring that all your possessions reach their destined place safely. We have registered with the insurance company to ensure that goods in transit are in safe hands. Our warehouses can be used as storage for goods that are to be taken to their destination at a later date.

International Shipment

We are an international shipping company based in South Africa. We perform all the paperwork and observe the export regulations. Our safes are used in packaging of fragile goods and free them from harsh conditions. We transport all the goods overseas by air, ground or ocean. Our entire shipment deliveries are done worldwide. Our rates are the cheapest when compared to other moving companies. We have also partnered with trucking companies to provide national and international shipping. We work within the budget and make deliveries safely.

Packaging Services

When it comes to packaging, we are the best. It is usually stressful to transport your assets from a place to the next. At Move It National, we package all your merchandise and transport them to the shipping destination. Our prices are customized according to the goods that our clients ship. We make all your international shipping stress-free by delivering to your doorstep. We do not compromise on anything less than quality and safety. We deal with business and family moving.

Customized Packing

We offer specialized moving services to all clients who require special attention. Clients with valuable and fragile goods fall into this category. We ensure that the goods reach their destination with no damage whatsoever. We also consider goods that may not be delivered through parcel or mail services. Our technology called foam-in-position ensures that goods will arrive in safely. We transport fragile goods such as servers, mouse, monitors and computers.

Supplies Moving

Move It National can move supplies of any kind. Whether they are large or small, we do organize with the lowest expense possible. We have relied on the provision of quality services for over 19 years. We use shipping containers, boxes, and crates during supply moving. We send our expert movers to your place to find out more about moving supplies. We specialize invaluable, fragile, awkward or large supplies. We guarantee worry-free services and eliminate the undamaged goods. We go ahead and save you all the expenses.

Pick and Deliver Goods

Move It National provides hassle free packaging and shipping services. We deliver door to door services extensively. We also do deliveries to any place of the country at any time. We provide full-service deliveries in office or homes. We deliver specialized and general goods safely.

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