Project: National Moves


Client: Eldama Ranches

Location: Outskirts, South Africa

Our client was seeking professional moving services. He contacted our offices and provided us with the details for his service. After we had made the quotation, we were ready to begin the project. The project involved moving farming items to his new land. Our services included:

  • Dismantling of farming equipment and tools
  • Unpacking the items
  • Use of cartons and packaging safes
  • Use of refrigeration for perishable goods
  • Removal of debris

Project: Office Moving

Office Moving

Client: Tree Top Limited

Location: Capital City, South Africa

We have specialized in national office moving for almost two decades. Our client had office equipment such as furniture, desks and armchairs that needed relocation. After obtaining the required documentation, we were able to offer clearance and transportation services. Our services were professional, and we followed all the set rules.

Project: Industrial storage

Industrial storage

Client: Price Water Limited

Location: Capital City, South Africa

We deal with all business and home storage. Our client is one of the leading manufacturers in South Africa. The industry required us to store their goods in a warehouse for a couple of months. We have a secure and large storage area where we can keep all kinds of items. We provided the services in a convenient manner that was cost effective. The industrial company also had the rights to access goods from the storage are whenever they needed.

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